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Blogger allows you to publish to the web instantly. Blogging has grown with web users publishing what are called weblogs, or "blogs." This is a web page made up of usually short, frequently updated posts that are arranged chronologically. The content and purposes of blogs varies greatly. Blog posts are like instant messages to the web. Many blogs are about what ever the person is thinking at any particular time. Others blogs may be group efforts about a specific subject, a bit like Forums. Some blogs are for play, others for work. See for more information.

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Vlog It!. SERIOUS MAGIC. Vlog It!.   SERIOUS MAGIC. Product Features:-
  • Just place a webcam or camcorder on top of your monitor and connect it to your PC -- Vlog It! gives you an on-screen teleprompter just like the newscasters use
  • Instantly drag and drop still pictures, video and sound clips from your camera, camcorder or cell phone
  • Place your stills and clips next to the words you're going to say -- they'll appear on-screen
  • Add your own personal style to web sites by adding a visual connection between you and your viewers, with TV-quality titles, graphics, transitions and effects
  • Outputs your Vlog to Windows Media Player and RealPlayer formats, for an instant worldwide audience - Simply upload your Vlog to a standard Web server and post a link to the file, on any of the standard text-blogging site
Vlog It!. comes with a GREEN SCREEN feature so you can add any background you like. Use a green screen behind you then change this to any picture you wish.

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It's not difficult to build web sites today. It's more difficult to let the Internet world know about your brainchild and get consistent traffic to it.

You cannot create a wonderful site and pray that visitors (and earnings) flow like water. How will people know about your site? The answer is quite simple:

You need to get your web site indexed by search engines… FAST!

But there's a trick – in order to get your web page indexed, you must let the search engines' robots know where your web page is located. In other words, you need links, links and more links! And not just any links. Buying bulk links, swapping low quality links, or submitting to link farms will only lead to one thing… A Google slap and your web site being downgraded or kicked out entirely from Yahoo and MSN… resulting in no rankings and even worse, no traffic!

Discover the follow/nofollow blogs in your target marker rank by PageRank. Auto fill comments on Blog sites. Skip duplicate Content. Check for Aproved Comments on Blogs. Will post to your own Blogs as well. Plus post to Social Media web sites. and more... Blog webites

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Advice: Could be worthwhile to post to. Very popular method at this time.  Changing web site content can help keep your site fresh and boost your web site ranking. Could be time consuming need a team to check new web site content. Some users say they have good result. Could become like FFA pages. Postings may be more suited to specialized Forums. Some posted issues may be more useful so could be worthwhile. Don't just Spam them with adverts about your site. Consider your bandwidth and hosting storage. Almost anyone is able to post to Blog sites therefore links from Blog sites to your site may not prove very beneficial towards Google PageRank®.

Check that you do not commit libel, slander or plagiarism.

Always consider privacy and the data protection act before publishing. EFF: Legal Guide for Bloggers

Remember users may wish to printout your eBook to produce a hard copy for reading off-line. You should therefore include at least one full URL, e.g. so that users who read the hard copy it in the future can find your web site.

When adding hyperlinks make sure you use absolute links e.g., and not just
relative hyperlinks, advertising_methods.html, as these may fail.

May or May not produce be immediate results, (a story may need to be put on hold if more important news needs to be published).

May encourage off-line sale more.

If in placed, or copied, in print or on television then customers may not wish or be able to log on to any web site at that time . Therefore you may need to provide other forms of contact.

May only result in short term interest in you products but could also result in completely new customers who you may not be able to contact normally

It will generally be a good idea to Ping any major updates about your blog. This will people to know about updates quickly.

Quite often use RSS, Really Simple Syndication to publish content..

Akismet protects your blog from trackback and comment spam.  See Splog. Splogging

Preventing Virtual Blight    
  Follow, Nofollow. Index, Noindex

More links about Blogs. Blogging. BLOG. Vlogs. Video Blogs.

Spinning could be used to try to reduce issues to do with Duplicate Content

Also read the Ping and Pinging, Splog. Splogging, Trolling, Flame Wars, Article Publishing, Press Release Publishing, Citizen Journalists. Citizen News, Ezines, News and Events and Autoresponders, Video and Multimedia, Wiki, and Forums sections.

View Video and Multimedia, Flash, Shockwave Relate Links, Software, Freeware Creation and Publishing, Graphics, Graphics file formats, Images and Fonts, Players and viewers/PDF file viewers. Messenger Services and Follow, Nofollow. Index, Noindex

Blogging may help improve your WOM, Word Of Mouth advertising can help towards improving visitors to your web site. A good eBook may be passed on to other users and become a form of viral advertising.

Changing your copywriting could increase the possibility of a user to take action and improve sales.

Blogs use User Generated Content which has to be done with some care.

Sock Accounts or Sock Puppet Accounts are often used on Blogs by Troll's as a form of Negative Advertising and you need to protect agast this.

Television. TV Advertising. Broadcasting.

Also read the Duplicate Content and the Avatar section.

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