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Remember there may be other expenses for increased Traffic to your site such as higher bandwidth charges.

Extra maintenance cost, updating the web site to keep it fresh, changing prices.

Changes in currency exchange rates may have a negative impact.

More orders could lead to more returns and the need to handle these.

An increase in staffing cost to handle Customer Services and Queries.

Cost of people, recruitment and training.

Stock and warehouse charging.

Merchant Banking may reduce some charges for higher sale but others could charge more.

Charge Backs, Fraudulent or incorrect payments could reduce any profits. (A chargeback occurs when the bank that issued the debit or credit card to a person who bought goods from your business, reverses the transaction, even though it had previously been cleared. A chargeback can happen at any time, sometimes months after the transaction took place, and for a number of reasons. Sometimes the shopper claims that he never received the goods, or that the goods were defective in some way. Sometimes the transaction is reversed because a stolen card number was used to purchase goods.)

Click Fraud

Bank Charges, interest on loads, etc. Currency conversation charges.

Online Payment, Shopping Carts, etc charges.

Tax, customs, export, import charges, etc.

Legal fees, contracts, etc.

Training charges and time to learn, tools, web hosting and ISP expenses, stationary, travel expenses, postage, accommodation, etc.

Posters, leaflets, Gifts, Presents and Corporate Incentives, etc.

web site, documentation to foreign languages, Also see Translation Links.

Loss on paid advertising which does not provide a return on investment.

Insurance charges, for Staff, liability and products.

Using User Generated Content which has to be done with some care.

Loss leaders.

Split Testing.


Printing costs, ink and toners.

PPC engines which receive Traffic from other site will increase the chances of your site being found but you will also be charged for clicks from these other sites. You may also be charged for Test clicks when you may wish to test the link. Also web sites which post your link may need to Test click the link to you, you may also be charged for this.

Business Advice and Support.

web site listings, On-line and off-line advertising.

An increase in Traffic will probably result in an increase in Spam, Virus and Hacking attacks, (Anti-Virus Software Tools & Utilities, Firewalls, AntiSpam programs), this will cost you staff time.

Damaged goods that require replacement.

Customer Services

Read Up selling terminology, Upload Computer what is it? (Up Sales)

Software, Freeware Creation and Publishing can be expensive if used.

Remember any expenses such as that incurred by Click Fraud should be compared with other forms of advertising such as leaflet drops where you may have very poor level of proof that the leaflets have been read and acted upon. Also some business expenses may be refunded by Tax.  You may also be able to ask for refunded for Click Fraud from the PPC search engine.

How to Cut Office Expenses  
When businesses try to cut costs, they sometimes think their only option is to cut budgets. However, there are many expenses that businesses can cut right in their own office. Business consulting expert Ken Gaebler of Gaebler Ventures even said that office expenses can amount up to as much as 5 percent of total revenues for small businesses.

As Reporter Abby Johnson explains in this broadcast, 5 ways to help businesses cut their office expenses include:

1. Operate virtually as much as possible
2. Re-negotiate your lease
3. Share office space with another business
4. Check out economic development zones
5. Find short-term rentals

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Advice: Try to budget for unknown circumstances. Earnings Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to present information as accurately as possible. Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can not and will not be verified. Any testimonials and examples used may be based on exceptional circumstances and results, these  donít apply to the average person and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individualís success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.

Be careful not to be caught by Hope and Dreams and watch out for Copywriting techniques.

Carry out Split Testing to help you discover the best ROI, Return On Investment. Test and re-test. Be careful you are not caught up in Hope and Dreams which could cost you a lot of income for little in return.

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