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Advertising Methods. How to advertise online and offline. Methods of internet advertising and promotion. Here are some advertising methods that you may have considered to promote web sites.

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Covers on-line and off-line advertising methods. The advantages and disadvantages of advertising methods and recommended ways to advertise.

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How about  Video and Multimedia, how do I go about it and is it  recommended?

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General Guide
News and Events
Organic Search Engine Optimization
Universal Search
Google Information
Google PageRank®
Ranking and Click Relevance Technologies
Google Site Map
Google Slap
Yahoo Site Map, Yahoo Site Explorer
Site Maps
Traffic & Targeted Traffic
Audience and demographics
Traffic Statistics
Unique Visitors vs Hits
Absolutely Ultimate Method
White Hat. Black Hat
Sock Accounts or Sock Puppet Accounts
Your Own Search
Guerrilla Marketing
Content is King
Paid for Content. Internet Water Army
CTR, eCPM and CPC statistics, etc.
Duplicate Content
Cookie Cutter
Rotary Untouched Markets System. RUMS
Keyword, Keyword Phrases
Keyword Stuffing
Tag Cloud, Keyword Cloud
Messenger Service
Domain Names. URL's, Uniform Resource Locator
Domain Squatting
Relevant web sites
USP, Unique Selling Point
Niche websites
Regional Web Sites
Foreign Websites and pages
Behavioural Advertising
eMail Spam
Opt-In email
The List
Bulk eMailers
eMail Signatures
Press Release Publishing
Press Release Hosting
Citizen Journalists. Citizen News
Article Publishing
Article Directory Hosting
Newsletter Publishing
eBook Publishing
PDF, Portable Document Format
Useful Link

FireFox and Thunderbird Extensions
Forum Hosting
Google Verified Authorship
Personalized Search
Own Google: Dominate Google Search Results
SERP, Search Engine Results Page
Free, giveaways and high discounts
MPU's Mid-Page Unit
Google Breadcrumbs
Google Bombing. Googlewashing
User Generated Content
Making Comments
Free For All
Bad Neighbourhood
Reverse Marketing
Classifieds Sites
Web Rings
Submission to Major search engines
Submission to Directory Pages
Submission to Smaller search engines
Paid Inclusions
Trusted Feeds
Content Farms
Link juice
Pay per Clicks, PPC, Cost Per Click, CPC
Pay Per View
Supplemental Listing
Viral Social Bookmarking for Free
Negative Keywords
Semantic Search. Latent Semantic Indexing. LSI
Blogger, Blogs, Blogging
Redirects. Redirecting URL's
Typo Squatting
Spamming Search Engines
Drip Feed. Drip Feeding
Splog. Splogging
Click Flipping
Squeeze Pages
Call to Action
Scraper Sites
Flat Fee Keyword
Contextual Technology
Affiliate Marketing
Pay For Action
Drop Shipping
Promotional Products
Pre-Order Bonuses
Product Placement
Co-op Advertising
Traffic Hubs
Off-Line Advertising

Celebrity. The Famous and Stars
Banner Advertisements
CPM - Cost per Milli method
Pixel Squares
Exchange Links
Link Building
Orphaned Links, Orphaned Web Pages
Broken Linking
Outbound Links
Video Exchange
Back Links
Three Way Links
Backend non direct
Link Baiting
Off page On page promotion
Three Click Rule and Site Navigation
Error 404 Pages and other error.
The 1% Rule
Proxy Servers
Peel Away. Dog Ear Ads
Ribbon Ads
Fly Ads
Exit Popup
Peel Away. Dog Ear Ads
Sticky Websites
Marketing Funnel
Time Limited Offers. Buy Now or Miss out on this deal
Web Slices
Short Domain Names. Short URL's
Negative Advertising
Flame Wars
RSS, Really Simple Syndication
Ping, Pinging
Voice Ads
Video and Multimedia
Web site flipping
alt tags
Podcasting, Podcast
Social Bookmarking, Tagvertising
Virtual Trade Show
The Home Page, Favorites and Bookmarking
The Landing Page
Favicons icon
Catch 22
SAE Return Method
Customer Services
Customer Retention
Sponsorship and Sponsoring
Software, Freeware Creation and Publishing

Ad Blindness
Bounce Rates
WOM, Word Of Mouth advertising
Covers for Software, eBooks, etc..
Viral Traffic
Loss Lead. Loss Leaders
Multi-Level Marketing
Click Fraud
False Clicks
Click Bombing
Link Wheels
Doorway Page Sites
Content Doorway Pages
Sniper Web Site
Cloaking Websites
SpyWare AdWare
Meta Tags
Follow, Nofollow. Index, Noindex
Page Load Speed
Coding Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), etc
Information Architecture
SEO, search engines optimization
Monetize your Web site traffic (Make money)
Authority Sites
Pay-to-surf programs
Content Management Systems
DynamicSignage, (DVM), Narrowcasting and SubTV
Advertising Competition
Hope and Dreams
The Fold, Screen Real Estate
Augmented Reality (AR)
Scanning and Heat Maps
Up selling terminology, Upload Computer what is it?
Bundle. PUP, Potentially Unwanted Program
Hot Lead, Cold Lead
Vbook, Video eBook
Long Tail, Short Tail
Conversion Rate
Return On Investment
Split Testing
Talking Characters
Hidden Expenses
Mobile Phone Technology's
Pixecode (Pixel Encoding)
SMS, Short Message Service
Direct Marketing
Telephone calling
Widgets and Gadgets

RSS, Really Simple Syndication. RSS, Really Simple Syndication Feed for Advertising Methods page


Legal Information

Use any methods with extreme Caution. Some of these techniques and methods may cause your site to be banned from Search Engine listings.

All information is to be used as a guide only and may not improve any business on-line or off-line.

Carry out Split Testing to test the effectiveness of advertisements.

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Jim Boykin Internet marketing specialist Blog May also provide some useful information.

SEO Dictionary A list of search engine optimization and marketing industry related keywords with their definitions.

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