Mousetraps Advertising Methods

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Web site windows that open new windows, (similar to Pop-Ups but often full screen, of full web site, pages), or methods which resist being closed. Sites which prevent the user clicking the Back Button, etc...

Sites, which usually automatically set and install themselves, (they may be set as part of a user carrying out an action), as the start page and make it difficult to change back to your normal start page. 

Installing software which affects the way a search operates or analyses users data to change the way search engine results take place.

Sometime there maybe a piece of "Cheese", (what appears something that may appear good or worthwhile having) on the "Mouse Trap" similar to a Trojan Virus. Trapping the user into accepting use a method of searching.

Changing the way a computer operates and making it difficult to change the computer back. 

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Read the Exit Popup section.

Advice: Don't use this method. Users will be unlikely to return once the have managed to close the links to the sites opened. Most users will get annoyed by such methods.

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