Spam is the term given to junk email Advertising Methods

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Also known as Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE).

If you have used a use a separate email account to try to reduce the receipt of Spam emails but you still get them. This is because spammers are able to guest your email from your web site name, or use harvesting to get your email. This could be a sign that your web site is being found.

Spammers are willing to sell your email to other spammers and so the level of Spam you receive may increase.

All you can do is try to filter out such Spam. Do not request to opt-out as this may be used to show spammers that your email is working.

You may see an option to remove your email address from a Spam email list. We recommend that you do NOT use this option. Some spammers use this method to demonstrate that the email address used works and is worth posting even more Spam, junk mail, to. They may, probably will, sell your email address on to other spammers who will also sent Spam to your email. This increases the Spam even more.

You may use software, some free, to help filler out Spam emails. View links at SpamFilters of A Computer Portal. Freeware, Shareware. Perl, CGI, Java, web masters tools, etc. Small and quick shareware to download.

If is also possible to Spamming Search Engines by submitting web pages too often, different search engines may have different policies. This should generally be avoided.

SPAM is anything that misleads the viewer into believing they are going to see something they are not and/or email that is sent using means with the intent of hiding the sender. Spam may also be defined as sending bulk, (many), emails indiscriminately. To Target emails to one or more types of groups e.g. business provider may also be classed as Spam. To say it is Targeted to any one or more particular group is not enough. Spamhaus Definition of 'Spam' The are a lot of filters to filter out email, Spam Filters etc... , they may be removed server side, blocked at the local side and then again on the human side, (not read by the person. This means that if an email is posted it does not indicate that it will be read. Even if it is read it does not mean the action you want will be taken.

Advice: Don’t use this method to try to promote your web site. There are laws against Spam and heavy fines or prison may be used against those using this method. Don't assume so called opt-in lists are alright to used they may contain incorrect information that  could land you in court. Laws against Spam are being increased all the time. Spam Filters and other methods will prevent Spam messages resulting in a waste of Advertising Budget for the Spammer.

Spammer Sentenced to 7 Years in Prison

Microsoft has launched lawsuits against alleged email spammers in the United States and Britain. The defendants are accused of flooding Microsoft's computer systems and its customers with more than two billion unsolicited messages.

For free anti-Spam tools, (Stop Spam tool and Spam filter tool), SpamFilters of A Computer Portal. Freeware, shareware. Perl, CGI, Java, web masters tools, etc. Computer languages and Programming code. Other web site promotion and traffic boosting.  More Webmaster tools. Small and quick shareware to download.

Also there are users who will potentially of increasing a spammers cost of sending Spam. This may be done by using software and other methods including Spamming the original Spammer or creating DOS attacks, (Denial Of Server Attacks), by loading the web site in a spam email message a certain number of times.  Since nothing is being bought from these visits it could increase the bandwidth costs to the spammer without any increase in revenue. 

That may reduce the effectiveness of bulk email and therefore your marketing efforts by email.

You may prefer to stay away from using bulk email just because of that perception of spam.

Even with auto responder system it could be too time consuming checking, confirming, making sure you are not just getting anyone trying to defraud you.

Welcome to the Network Abuse Clearinghouse

Fight Spam on the Internet! Reports on Spammers etc... 

Go to and search their listing of Spam Support Services. WORKING TO PROTECT INTERNET NETWORKS WORLDWIDE Spamhaus tracks the Internet's worst Spammers, known Spam Gangs and Spam Services, provides real time anti-Spam protection for Internet networks, and works with Law Enforcement Agencies to identify and pursue spammers worldwide. Also A collection of anti-Spam links and resources. CAUCE the Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial E-mail.

UK Information Commissioners web site

The Internet Fraud Complaint Center (IFCC)is a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C). - Scams, bogus emails, etc...

BOSS Links. Business Online Support Service.


Using subject line in emails such as Re: Account Suspended; Computer virus Warning; Microsoft updates or other false subject line will certainly get your business the reputation it doesn't want. Don't do it. This is also illegal so if you use it prepare legal action.

Spam Laws United States, European Union, Other countries

Canadian marketers should read the Canadian Task Force Report on Spam titled Recommended Best Practices For email Marketing.

e-Business Factsheet E-mail Marketing, Spam and the Law (PDF format Adobe Reader®)    More information about PDF links.

Many sites are still contravening the Anti-Spam and Privacy Laws which came into effect in December 2003. Officially titled The Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations, these new laws aim to protect customers privacy and control Spam. View and for more information. 

There also the CANSPAM Act. Spam Laws. Controls on unsolicited Direct Marketing now include unsolicited commercial email (UCE or Spam) and SMS to mobile telephones; The receiver is now required to have agreed to receive the information in advance, except in the context of an existing customer relationship, where companies may continue to email or SMS to market their own similar products on an 'opt-out' basis.

CAN SPAM Act of 2003 (Signed Into Law By The President Of The United States Of America On December 16, 2003).

Filing of the first major industry lawsuits under 2003’s the Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing (CAN-SPAM). These are the first major industry lawsuits being filed under the new law. America Online, Earthlink, Microsoft and Yahoo! today jointly announced that their prevention-prevention efforts. 

Straight Talk - An Open Letter To You Is The Writing On The Wall For Spam?

FTC Seeks Comments on Spam Regulation


Here are some of the basic rule you or a service you use should abide by:-

  1. No Misleading Headers or Other Masking of email Origin
  2. email Ads Must be Clearly Identified as Advertisements
  3. email Shall Not Contain a Falsified or Deceptive Subject Line
  4. Effective Method of Opt-Out of Future Mailings
  5. Opt-Out Requests Must Be Purged Within 10 Business Days
  6. No Sale or Transfer of Opted-Out email addresses
  7. No Sexually Oriented Material in email Messages
  8. No Unlawful Retransmission of emails

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has updated its guidance on e-marketing, i.e. marketing & advertising over the Internet, on-line and interactive services and electronic communication networks (including telephone, SMS/MMS, digital radio and TV), no more restrictive than current British law and practice, so compliance should present no problems for UK businesses who are already complying with the UK rules. The European Commission is asking for comments (through an online consultation) into the possibility of developing an EU Regulation on Origin Marking.  Such a regulation would impose a compulsory mark indicating the name of the country of origin for certain products (i.e. some industrial products particularly in the clothing, footwear and ceramics sectors) imported into the European Union. European Business links  


Any person reporting alleged Spam to any person, persons, or entities without physical proof of said claim is guilty of both fraud and a civil crime and may be pursued and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Further, should the said allegation result in any interruption of normal business activity of the company and/or result in loss of income and/or result in unnecessary expenses, a civil suit will be brought against the complainant for restitution.

eMail software and Autoresponders links. Read the Bulk eMailers and The List section.

Thunderbird email client   Thunderbird: Reclaim Your Inbox Thunderbird is Mozilla's next generation e-mail client. Thunderbird makes emailing safer, faster and easier than ever before. Thunderbird delivers. Intelligent spam filters, quick message search, and customizable views. Thunderbird is an free email client. Import your existing mail and enjoy powerful spam protection. Supports IMAP and POP mail protocols, as well as HTML mail formatting. Built-in RSS capabilities, powerful quick search, spell check as you type, global inbox, deleting attachments and advanced message filtering round out Thunderbird's.

The main recommendation is that you should not send spam; lots, and lots of emails to people who have not requested those emails..

If you send out an occasional unsolicited email you may be classed as just contacting a potentially new customers. If you send out hundreds, (or more emails), to people who have not requested those emails them you are a spammer.

If you send out millions you are a spammer who could be sent to jail for example in this case Spammer Sentenced to 7 Years in Prison

Most people don't want a lot of un-requested emails. They may feel these are stealing their time and their Internet bandwidth.

The perception of receive people who receive unsolicited, (have not requested these), emails is to most likely to be one to be suspicious of that email, to worry about being defrauded, receiving a virus attack, (Anti-Virus Tools), or just to think, "If they are willing to send me spam and break the law then why should I trusted them with my money".

While some tracking of emails maybe possible thais may not be reliable. It may not mean that an email has been read or acted upon.

Lots of emails may not even get past the server stage, they may be removed server side, not even arrive at the intended destination.

Any emails that do arrive a likely to be spam filtered out by the users email application and not even opened.

Any emails that are opened may not result it the action you want from the user, they may report it to the authorities for possible legal action against the sender.

Consider your business reputation.

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