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Thumbnails are a smaller version of an image picture. There are also Thumbnails images of whole web site pages.

Thumbnails may also represent other items such as video and other graphic types.

Thumbnails are use to give the user an indication of what the full image may look like before they spend time loading the full version of that image.

Thumbnails will link to the  full version of that image.

Advice: Use Thumbnails where speed of download is more important or your wish/need to display a large number of images on a web page.

Thumbnails  give the user some control over whether or not the wish to view the full version of that image.

Search Engines still favour text as apposed to images, etc. Use alt tags and other methods to help search engine find your content.

A number of search engines may use a Universal Search which may display your Thumbnails.

Each Thumbnail could effect Traffic Statistics because of Unique Visitors vs Hits issues.

Also red the Video and Multimedia section.

For some Tumbnail site view Visualisation of how Search Engines and Keywords link together

Graphics, Graphics file formats, Images and Fonts

Search engines. Online Dictionary, Thesaurus. Acronym or abbreviation finder, etc..

Also see Page load speed, Images and Avatar sections.

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