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EasyCap with Ulead on Vista. In Vista.

I found Ulead temperamental.

Sometimes it will work other times not.

Here are some settings that may work sometimes.

Using Ulead from freshly booted Vista may also help.

These settings work with XP as well.

EasyCap Drivers may fix it; actually I doubt if theses will fix it, but it could be worth a try, here are two drivers. These are for XP 32 bit, (may or may not work on other OS versions).

Ulead software and EasyCap Drivers are separate pieces of software. Ulead may be used with other video input devices, (not necessarily USB), and the EasyCap Device with its drivers may be used with other software to produce a video .


The basics about drivers. General guide only. A driver is software that allows your computer to communicate with hardware devices. Without drivers, the devices you connect to your computer, (for example, a mouse or external hard drive, even internal hard drive), may not function fully or at all. Windows, sometimes, automatically checks if there are drivers available for new devices that you connect to your computer.  Therefore Windows usually will try to install a driver for a hardware device. Windows will usually try to install drivers from: an inbuilt list of drivers within Windows. a hardware setup disk that will be supplied with the hardware device, the Internet or the hardware device could also have built-in drivers, etc.. Most hardware will require a device driver before that hardware device will function fully, (some hardware devices may function at a default level, for example usually printers), if a hardware device for that particular the hardware is not used or the may not function at all.. 

What are computer drivers and why are they used basics  

What are computer drivers and why are they used basics.

This shows a basic introduction why computers use drivers.

Most hardware will communicate with the computer via a driver.

More Computer Drivers

A note on EasyCap Drivers:-

A note on Drivers. Generally use the disk first, before Plugging in the EasyCap Device USB cable for the first time. If you update the EasyCap Drivers the you may need the EasyCap Device unplugged while you do this. After installing fully re-boot your computer.

After re-booting plug in the EasyCap, it may pop-up a box that the USB device, the EasyCap is being installed. Allow this to complete before trying the EasyCap Device.

I don't think you can Roll-Back EasyCap Drivers. A System Restore may do this, but this has to be used with care.. A System Restore may try to remove other software as well, this could be re-installed afterwards if you have access to that software.

You may have to uninstall EasyCap Drivers via the Control Panel, but if you tried this and an unwanted EasyCap Driver still installs, I assume that the EasyCap Drivers NOT wanted must be somewhere on the hard-drive.  Delete these NOT wanted EasyCap Drivers and try again with access to the  wanted EasyCap Drivers.

(After which you may have to reinstall the wanted EasyCap Drivers.)

Install the New EasyCap Drivers should I think overwrite old drivers without having to uninstall.

Here are Two files EasyCap drivers Links  All links are provided for information only. I can not guarantee anything will work and you accept it is you responsibility to check before use.  All links are provided for information only. I can not guarantee anything will work and you accept it is you responsibility to check before use.

Click on each link below in turn and download to a directory where you can find them. If you update the EasyCap Drivers the you may need the EasyCap Device unplugged while you do this. After installing fully re-boot your computer:-

original.exe and update.exe  Try original.exe first.  (update.exe may not be any better than original.exe).

These are self-extracting exe files made with WinZip

Download these to a place all the original.exe files in a directory where you can find them

How to use:-

 Don't use the normal windows Control Panel>Systems, method. 

Double click on the downloaded file and uncompress into a directory where you can find them

Click on setup.exe to start the driver setup. Install the driver.

Reboot after installing and try it out.

 If this original.exe works you may not need the update.exe. If original.exe  fails try the same actions with update.exe

A bit more about how to install there EasyCap Drivers:-

You can download both, one at a time. Then uncompress, just double click on original.exe and update.exe to do this, and place the files somewhere on the hard drive where you can find them.

Now you need to find the setup.exe in the unzipped folders and double click on this to install the EasyCap drivers. You may need to re-boot after setup.exe.

Then when you plug the EasyCap device in you may see the USB symbol pops up at the bottom right of the screen. (This may not show on your computer). This is installing the actual USB driver, this should disappear after a short while. It may say new hardware ready  to use.

Then try Ulead as shown in the EasyCap Ulead Vista Fix. How to EasyCap Ulead in Vista video above.

Think of things in more than one way; hardware and software. The EasyCap Device, wires and your computer is the Hardware, the Drivers and ULead is the Software. You should get a disk with the software, (Ulead above) and drivers with the EasyCap Device hardware Device.

No guarantee these will work for you

 I cannot say these will work, they did for me using XP and Vista 32 bit.

I personally have no connection with EasyCap or EzCap, etc.

All links are provided for information only. I can not guarantee anything will work and you accept it is you responsibility to check before use.

If the above Drivers fail this method may work,  I have not tried these method.:-

Some tips that my help you.  Don't know if any of this will work but I hope it gives you some clues :-

Note Video can take a lot of processing, hard drive storage and as well as hard drive access. This may slow a computer to a crawl and you may need to be very patience to produce a video.  It may be best not to run other software at the same time.

If in UK black and white may display if you have set Ulead to the USA NTSC Standard you need to use the PAL for the UK setting showing in this video :) 

UK is 50hz... Try changing this, if possible.  (USA is 60Hz NTSC )

I believe there are tow versions of EasyCap a UK version for 50Hz and a USA version for 60Hz.  See Easycap fully working on vista (PAL60 and NTSC)

Normally when EasyCap is first plugged in it will ask for the drivers and you need to put the EasyCap disk in to load the correct drivers from the EasyCap disk.

Have you may have installed any other software that may conflict with EasyCap? This may require removing as well. Look in Control Panel.>Add/Remove...

Try using the EasyCap setup disk again

This may do it... or try Control Panel>System>Hardware>Device Manager... See if you can find it remove any conflicting drivers here...

You should be able to use Control Panel>System>Hardware>Device Manager..to update divers, if you have the update version available. (I do not believe the update.exe needs this if you use it).

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