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$9 Arduino Compatible STARTER KIT - Anyone can learn Electronics $9.00 + $3 p+p  

Find out more and obtain your $9 Arduino Kit Here

$9 Arduino Compatible STARTER KIT - Anyone can learn Electronics

Now With Additional Kit! Produce a nonprofit version of Arduino for only US $9 + $3 p+p to help expanding the knowledge of electronics

All of the funders will be receiving a 2.1mm barrel jack with snap connector with every board!

A talk with the supplier about my break even point and how I could save money on this project so it could include a small kit with each of these boards. This number came out to be about 5,000 boards (5 x the original amount) so that I could save $1 a board. With that dollar will be able to create this small kit for each board; which means if you ordered 5 boards you will also get 5 kits. In order to send a kit with each board the new goal of $60,000 must be reached.

Here is the kit that will include with each board if this new goal is reached:

6 x LEDs (2 x red 2 x yellow 2 x green)
6 x resistors for the LEDs
1 x photoresistor and pairing resistor
1 x buzzer
1 x set of jumper wire (10pcs)
1 x mini solderless breadboard

It is time to set the first stretch goal and I hope I've found one that you will like.

New goal: US$ 20,000

If they reach the new goal, every board will get a snap connector for 9V battery. This will allow you to power your board with a common battery, ready for wireless projects and super safe for kids!

Borderless Electronics main web site


3D Printing of Liquid Metals at Room Temperature     Michael Dickey YouTube Channel    

Researchers at NC State Univesity have developed a way to print liquid metals into 3D structures at room temperature.

The structures are stabilized by a thin oxide 'skin' that forms on the liquid metal.

The approaches shown here represent new ways to direct write metals in 3D. In addition, the resulting components can, in principle, self-heal, "Self-healing stretchable wires", video and "Ultra-stretchable wires", video.

3D Printing of Free Standing Liquid Metal Microstructures," The paper iis published online in Advanced Materials.

The work was supported by the National Science Foundation.

Researchers Build 3-D Structures Out of Liquid Metal

Researchers Create Self-Healing, Stretchable Wires Using Liquid Metal


3D Printers. Three Dimensional Printers. Printing Physical objects

Nanobots, NanoRobots, Nanotechnolgy


Heathkit Education Systems.  Heathkit Schematic Diagram Archive

Electronics 10 times more efficient, (The Enginee).. US scientists have created a type of printed electronics they claim is up to 10 times more efficient than existing technology. The researchers from Stanford University say they have developed a way to better control the flow of ink in the electronics printing process, which leads to fewer defects in the final product, thereby improving its electrical efficiency. Printed electronics are used to produce lightweight, low-cost solar cells and flexible electronic displays but their efficiency is usually below that of traditional electronics, so the new process, known as fluid-enhanced crystal engineering (FLUENCE), could lead to greater takeup of the technology. Printing Innovations Provide 10-fold Improvement in Organic Electronics, (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory).

Maker News. Hacker News for all hardware, internet of things, DIY and 3D Printing, a platform for everyone who just like to build electronic things.etc.... The main goal behind Maker News is to unite Maker Community. Maker News want to give you (and us!) a space to talk and discuss recent news in the Internet of Things world, as well as show what you’ve built and learn from others. It’s also a non-profit project that we hope will help people start their journey with hardware. More 3D Printer Links

Interfacing Discussion Group Archives

Current Limiting Resistor Calculator for LEDs

Memristor is a name of passive two-terminal circuit elements in which there is a functional relationship between charge and magnetic flux linkage. A Memristor could be used to replace the Transistor within devices such as memory, CPU devices, and because of the nonvolatile nature, (do not lose stored data when switched off), Solid State Hard drives. It has been stated that these Memristors could lead to new designs of computers. They may be able to be used in an analogue way that mimics the human brain. They could , of course, also be used in other devices. The Memristor term is short for memory resistor.

Memristor chips require less energy to operate than current alternatives, such as flash memory. They also store data in approximately half the space required by flash chips and are virtually immune to interference from radiation – making them attractive to any manufacturer looking to create ever-smaller but ever-more-powerful devices. A Memistor is the fourth passive device predicted by Prof. Leon Chua in 1971: the resistor, the capacitor, and the inductor and now the Memistor.

Multimeters. How to use a mulitimeter and other tips

Oscilloscope. Using Oscilloscope. Using Oscilloscope in Electronics. Learn about Oscilloscope

Ohms Law. Using Ohms Law. Using Ohms Law in Electronics. Learn about Ohms Law

PCB Circuitboards. PCB Circuitboard Design Software. Breadboards, etc...

Soldering. How to solder electronic components. How to solder SMT (Surface Mount Technology), SMD (Surface Mount Devices)

Crystal Set, powerless radio A simple radio receiver that does not require batteries.

Robots and Robotics. Computer Control. Computer Engineering

Microcontrollers, Controllers


Hardware Guides, BIOS, Drivers, DLL files and Peripherals

RFID, Radio Frequency ID, Radio Frequency IDentification

Operating Systems and Graphical User Interfaces. Windows Visa/XP, Linux, Apple, BeOS, etc.

Mill Engine. Engineering and Mechanical Portal.  Engineering links, Mechanical links, engineers, machines, engines. Civil Engineering,  architecture, construction, transportation, etc...

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