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Freeware, shareware, downloads and software links Even More Freeware Shareware Links, Software Page Freeware Extra. Free Software. Free Downloads
Games Free to download Programming Languages and Computer Code and Scripting Programming Applications (VBA). Using Applications
IDE. Integrated Development Environment and Programming Editors Assembly, Low level languages Shell Scripting links
Games Consoles Games Programming, coding games Game Making Programs (Make games for none Programmers)
XML, eXtensible Markup Language XBRL. eXtensible Business Reporting Language RSS, Really Simple Syndication
Blogs. Blogging. BLOG. Video Blogs. Vlogs Podcasting, Podcast Making Money from the Internet
Social bookmarks. Bookmarks. Favicons. Tagvertising Flash and Shockwave Mashups. Mashable, Mashable links 
Forums. Computing, webmaster, programming Forums Web Services UDDI, WSDL, SOAP Online Payment, Shopping Carts, etc
SpamFilters eMail software and Autoresponders Apache open-source software and Apache Servers
SpyWare Removal Anti-Virus Software Tools & Utilities Anti-POP-UP & Toolbars
FireWall's Backup/File Compression. Scams and hoaxes. Fraud warnings. Virus Attacks
Safer Surfing, To help prevent viewing of Adult sites Encryption Security and Diagnostics
Advertising Methods FREE TIPS PDF, Portable Document Files Players and viewers. Messenger Services
Google Knowledge. Google Information Yahoo Knowledge. Yahoo Information Page Rank. Website Review, Ratings and URL listing tests
Web site promotion Website statistics, Hit Counters, Trackers MSN, Bing Knowledge. MSN, Bing Information.
Who is Tools. DNS Tools, Domain Name System Tools Press Release, Article and Physical Publishing Keyword and Keyword phrases
Web Master Tools and Utilities cPanel. FTP. File Transfer Protocol. Hosting SEO News, Search Engine Optimization latest news
Citizen Journalists. Citizen News. Help Make the News Graphics, Graphics file formats, Images Network, LAN, WAN
Audio MP3, MP4 and Music links High Definition Television. HDTV Fonts and Other Related Links
Video Knowledge and Video Information and Video Tips Video Search Links. Video Sharing Sites. Promote your videos Television. TV Advertising. Broadcasting
Video special effects, tips. Video Tools & Video Utilities Films. Full Length Films Video Scams. Video Cons. Video Cheats. Votebots
WebCams. Web Cameras EasyCap Tips. EasyCap Drivers. MovieMaker Tips. MovieMaker Help
Browser and Browser Tools Domain Names for sale. Sell your Domain Names eBooks, Free eBooks. Get free eBooks
Bandwidth Tests. Internet Speed. Improving Internet Speeds Web 3, Web 2 and Internet 2 (Much Faster) Short URL Names
Page Load Speed Tests, page loading speed testing Content Management Systems IPv6 The New Internet protocol
Cloud Computing. Cloud links, About the Cloud. Web Master Law. Legal issues for Web Masters OPML, Outline Processor Markup Language
Search Engines. Find what you want. Online Dictionary. Thesaurus. Acronym or abbreviation finder, etc. Click Fraud Protection and Click Fraud Security
Maps and Travel. Route Planners World Time & Zone links Translation
Hardware. BIOS, Drivers, DLL files and Peripherals Hardware, Motherboards, Chipsets, etc Currency Converter
Overclocking Mod and Modding. Add some style to your computer CPU Processors
Graphics Cards Monitors, VDU's Memory RAM. ROM. CMOS
Drives, Storage. Hard Drives. DVD, CD-ROMs etc SSD, (Solid State Drives) Printers and Plotters
Thunderbolt High Speed Input and Output Modems, Routers, Broadband USB, Universal Serial Bus
Windows 8 Links Microsoft® Windows 7, Vista. XP, etc. Protect your Usernames and passwords
Linux and Unix Linux and Unix Operating Systems DOS, Disk Operating System Apple Links
Operating Systems and Graphical User Interfaces. OS and GUI OS2 Direct X (OK; Not an O/S)
Virtual Computing Link Validation. HTML Validation. Link Checking BeOS
Widgets and Gadgets. Small free-standing applications 3D Display Technology. Holographic displays. 3D without glasses. HTTP Status Codes. FTP Status Codes. Website Error Codes
3D Printers. Three Dimensional Printers. Printing Physical objects Augmented Reality (AR) Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality Modelling Language (VRML)
3D Graphics. Three Dimensional Graphics Stereo Graphic Anaglyph Images Display Units of the Future. OLED, Electronic Ink. Flexible displays
Maps and Travel. Route Planners Travel News. Travel Updates. Traffic Jams Visualisation of how Search Engines and Keywords link together
Train Times Aeroplane Times Bus and Coach Times
Combined Travel Services Telephone Codes, International Telephone Codes Ferry Times
Programming Maps. Computer Code for Maps Computer tips watch and discover. Learn about computers Postal Delivery, Post Codes and Zip Codes
Internet Radio. Radio Information. WiFi Information. Wireless Fidelity Links. Dynamic Signage, Digital Visual Messaging, Narrowcasting & SubTV
WiMax. Wi-Mesh. Bluetooth. WLAN, Wireless Area Networking Information Wireless. Other Wireless Related Links. WAP, WML, Wireless Markup Language
VoIP, STUN, TURN, NAT and ICE, SBC. SIP Technologies QR Codes. Bar Codes. Bokode. Pixel Encoding. PixeCode Wireless Security. Taking Care of wireless security.
NFC. Near Field Communication The Best Mobilephone Apps RFID, Radio Frequency ID, Radio Frequency IDentification.
Disaster Recovery Planning. Are you ready? Robots and Robotics. Computer Control. Computer Engineering. Mobilephone Programming. Developing Mobile Apps.
Artificial Intelligence Microcontrollers, Controllers Androids, Human Like Robots
Programmable Logic Controllers PLC Computer Numerically Controlled, CNC Nanobots, NanoRobots, Nanotechnolgy
Computer Mechanical, Computer Engineering MySQL Structured Query Language; other database links Electronics, Electronic components and Electronics Circuits.
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The Federation Against Software Theft The Federation Against Software Theft. FAST, Piracy federation. Anti-piracy organisation to protect the intellectual property of software publishers.. Specialties include Software.  Theft.  Piracy.  Protection.

The British Computer Society (BCS) The leading professional body for those working in IT. We have over 60,000 members in more than 100 countries and are the qualifying body for Chartered IT Professionals (CITP).

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Assume that Cookies are stored when accessing any web site or links to to the web sites from these web sites.

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