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Assembly low level code may use Mnemonic-low-level language instead of binary machine-code instructions.

Assembly Advantage/Disadvantages :-

Advantage; Speed at which the code can run and storage sizes may also be reduced. Less coding overheads. These advantages can be so good as to overcome any disadvantages listed.

Disadvantages Some assembly language programming tools may help over come some of these issues. Speed to learn and write code. Easer to produce code with bugs and errors.

More difficult to debug.  (Requires careful coding and some understanding of hardware especially the CPU make, and possibly even of a different model of the same CPU make as well as other hardware devices).

Generally not portable, (able used with different hardware), especially with a different CPU make as genially each will have a different instruction sets. 

Each CPU make will require different code, which introduces the chances of bugs in that code. Delays in learning, debugging and testing.

Note: It is possible to mix high-level lanuages with low-level languages to obtain the advantages of both and make it easier to code.

Mnemonic. A form of words or letters that assists the memory. i.e. MOV =MOVE

Typical Mnemonic-low-level language8086/80186/80286/80386/80486 Instruction Set for programming CPU's, (may be incomplete)

Assembly Language Tutorial YouTube Play List   Let's Share Knowledge YouTube Channel    

The tutorials in the playlist will give you nice idea of assembly language.

First we made a theoretical foundation and then we get inside of coding.

Hope this videos will be helpful to you. guess the tutorials on assembly language will help you


Codamania A blog to give some tutorials of topic about computers

FxCop, a code analysis tool for .NET managed assemblies :-

Assembler Compilation Download     Freshtings

Get this amazing 111.35MB zip archive for all things relating to assembly source code. It contains fasm, nasm, Mode 13h gfx tutorials demos and source, as well as MikeOS DexOS MenuetOS and more! 

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